Title: Beyond the Wild Blue Yonder: Creating an Air and Space Culture in Today's Air Force

Subject: Cultural change needed in the USAF to transition to an air and space force.

Author(s): Cynthia J. Grey; Edwin L. Marsalis Jr. (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: For the Air Force, military space is now in the limelight following the release of Global Engagement: A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force. This pamphlet includes the most important Air Force statement ever concerning the role of space in the future of the Air Force: "We are now transitioning from an air force into an air and space force on an evolutionary path to a space and air force." To make this transition, according to General Howell M. Estes III, Commander in Chief, United States Space Command, two major things must happen: "One of them is a cultural change. We all grew up with the air part of the Air Force, and many of us look at the space peice as being a little bit of a threat to the kinds of things that air power does. That attutude has to change." This paper included interviews with General Estes, Major General Dickman, DoD Space Architect, Major General (S) Ward, USAF/XOO, and Mr Brent Collins, PEO/SPace.

Last updated 1999 Feb 19