Title: Space Power Theory: A Rising Star

Subject: Space power theory

Author(s): Judson J. Jusell; Lantz R. Balthazar III (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: Is there a single comprehensive theory that could shape future space and air forces? This essay examines the current state of space power theory. The method of research was a literature review of books, periodicals, government and private reports, and conference proceedings via Air University Library and the Internet, as well as personal contact with faculty members from several military schools. This effort identified basic elements of military theory—definitions, explanations and predictions—which then became a qualification as well as a framework for this paper.

The major findings of this paper are that 1) Space power theory is emerging: it exists and is growing in the form of definitions, explanations and predictions of the nature, significance and functioning of systems in space; 2) A single comprehensive space power theory does not exist; and 3) Space power theory has much room for improvement in its definitions, explanations and predictions of space power.

Finally, this paper recommends that future theorists 1) Expand all areas of space power theory to create a more robust body of literature; 2) Thoroughly examine the contributions of early space theorists (see Chapter 3, Note 1); 3) Address, in detail, the two "hot topics" in space power theory today—space control and space force organization; and 4) Seek a single comprehensive space power theory to bring together the lasting ideas of space power for the purpose of shaping future space forces.

Last updated 1998 Nov 04