Title: Aerospace Policy Integration: USAF Operational Impacts in the Age of Space

Subject: The integration of air and space policy to maximize limited resources.

Author(s): Mark M. McLeod; Michael R. Foster (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: The domestic issues affecting Air Force organization and operations multiplied with the end of the Cold War. At the same time, the resources available for defense have continued to decline. While it is clear that shrinking defense budgets demand streamlining, it is not clear whether this desire for efficiency will significantly affect combat readiness. With the Air Force poised on the verge of space based operations, our current environment raises some dilemmas for planners. How will limited budgets affect our exploitation of space? Should we pool limited resources nationally to maximize our efforts?

Towards that end, this research project will use two analytical tools (an administrative model, and a non-utilitarian model) to study the success of two public policy case studies. The first is the existing national air policy since 1946. Armed with those results, we will compare and analyze current national space policy (second case study) in an effort to extrapolate expected results. This comparison will serve as the basis for a discussion on the pros and cons of integrating our national air and space policies, and of possible impacts a new organization might have on future Air Force operations.

Last updated 1998 Dec 01