Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs SAF/PAM

Statement on Have Stare:

There has been some confusion about the use of the term "Have Stare" as it relates to X-band radar systems, NMD, and Globus II.

Have Stare was a developmental X-band radar that was deployed at Vandenberg AFB, California. While there it was used in operational test and evaluation programs.

The HAVE STARE X-band radar hardware was disassembled in 1998 and transported to Norway where it is being reassembled to perform a space surveillance mission.

In many Department of Defense long-range planning documents the term HAVE STARE has been erroneously interchanged with the term X-band radar. The US military has traditionally used acronyms and monikers for systems. Unfortunately, references to X-band radar technology have erroneously been labeled HAVE STARE.

The X-band radar in Norway is Globus II. Since this radar uses components from the former HAVE STARE radar, the HAVE STARE program office at Hanscom AFB, Mass., remains open to support the hardware. The X-band equipment in Norway will be operated as a space surveillance sensor.

The US NMD architecture includes possible employment of X-band radar systems. Again, in some documents, HAVE STARE is erroneously used.

The actual capability of X-band radar is determined by its hardware and software configuration and its operating perimeters. The relationship between HAVE STARE, NMD, and Globus II is technological; not operational.