Remaining Questions on COBRA GEMINI from Industry Day

How will the Government handle long lead items for Serial Number #2 and #3?

Answer: TBD

Is Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Level 3 required for the Industry partner?

Answer: TBD

What will be industry's responsibilities for software design/software maintenance of the Lincoln Labs provided software?

Answer: TBD

Will there be additional industry day type meetings for bidders to receive additional information?

Answer: The Government anticipates other open forum information exchanges that are similar to Industry Day, at a date TBD.

Can Team Members provide non-GFE items if shown to be cost effective?

Answer: The current approach would allow industry to make the choice when they submit a proposal.

How would the contractor integrate its added value into the prototype system?

Answer: Under the current approach, the contractor won't have anything to do with the prototype until it is refurbished to conform with the production unit baseline. The exact methodology for that is still TBD.

How does the Government envision industry participation in Design Prototype phase if Design Review occurs simultaneously with RFP release?

Answer: TBD. The Government is currently assessing the question of Design Review and RFP release phasing and timing.

Because of the highly corrosive environment in which the radar is to operate, has an Operations Maintenance and Support technical services contract been considered?

Answer: The Government is currently assessing this issue.

If the Industry Partner is to be responsible for the software for the production versions of the system, will the computers and development environment software be provided as GFE? Or, will the Government expect the contractor to list this as a contract cost? Or, does the Government expect that the contractor will provide these as part of facilitation?

Answer: The anticipated ORD will call out a requirement for development of a software maintenance environment for delivery to a Government Depot. Consequently, the contractor should include it as part of their proposal.

Will the operators and maintainers of the prototype system be the same (design agent) personnel for the production system? To what extent is the contractor required to produce training and maintenance documentation for existing prototype design?

Answer: It is not currently anticipated that the design agent will be the operator/maintainer of the production system. The extent to which the contractor will be expected to produce training and maintenance (also operations) documentation is still TBD.

Please clarify in the NAIC briefing why Sea Base [mode] has no requirements for Range Accuracy, Angle Accuracy, or Ship Position when there are desired values? How can the mission be accomplished?

Answer: The anticipated ORD will have these requirements listed as Threshold Requirements.